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What Our Patients Have to Say

In reference to the care at Pioneer Peak Orthopedics, LLC, for my broken clavicle, I found that the service and care was, and is very professional and the dedication of the staff is exemplary and outstanding ... they go above and beyond. I would be more than happy and pleased to give a positive reference to anyone that needs their care at their clinic. Dr. Montano’s surgical skill in the repair of my clavicle fracture was outstanding. His personal concern left me with a positive outcome to give Pioneer Peak Orthopedics an outstanding reference.

— Donald G

The whole experience of my left shoulder surgery was great. I experienced no problems. Dr. Haggerty spent time with me and explained everything well.

— Milford M

I am so delighted with the surgery that Dr. Montano performed on my total hip replacement. I went from being in excruciating pain every day, to pain-free within two weeks after surgery. Dr. Montano has wonderful bedside manners. He is sensitive, caring and knowledgeable. He is an incredible doctor!!!! I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a total hip replacement.

— Carol A

Having suffered with a torn rotator cuff for a couple of years, I finally made a decision to have surgery. After that decision was made, the search began for a top notch surgeon, one that I could trust and believe it. I find that with Dr. Haggerty and have been very pleased with the results. Everything went smoothly and I am totally elated with the fact that I made this decision and couldn’t ask for any better outcome. Kudos to the staff at Pioneer Peak Orthopedics, too. I would highly recommend them for anyone else.

— Mark C